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Are Diamonds Valuable?

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De Beers was founded in South Africa in 1888 and today is the largest producer and seller of diamonds. Almost from the start the De Beers party has had a strangle embrace on the diamond industry and a vast advertising budget

Are Diamonds Valuable?

Are Diamonds Valuable?

Diamonds may be up to three billion years old; their crystallization occurs 320 miles beneath the surface of the tunnel These crystals venture their procedure to the surface via kimberlite and lamproite pipes. These pipes are cylindrical in work and stunt as a pipe from the Earth’s shawl to the continental crust This gemstone has forever been known for it’s, hardness, invincibility, and celebrated optical properties

Rarity of the Stones

Most kin reckon diamonds are the rarest article on the planet and thats what makes them so valuable Nothing could be further from the gospel There are enough diamonds in the macrocosm to fill a coffee cup for every companion and female on this planet. The genuine basis they are so expensive is because strict controls are placed on the quantity of gemstones produced for sale worldwide This marketing strategy is thumping twin to the macrocosm panoramic marketing of oil: they budget the supply to have the prices high

De Beers was founded in South Africa in 1888 and today is the largest producer and seller of diamonds Almost from the onslaught the De Beers crew has had a strangle nuzzle on the diamond industry and a monstrous advertising budget. Diamonds are not as irregular as the advertiser would own you to think De Beers keeps a giant heap of diamonds and tightly controls supply

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The level of a diamond is unshakable by four factors declared as the “Four Cs” They are carat weight, clarity, color, and cut The “cut” is the trickiest of the four The differences between a “great cut,” a “good cut,” and a “bad” dent cannot be detected by the untrained eye so the buyer should be aware, because the excellence of the score cede make a colossal difference in its symmetry and value. Cut determines 80 percent of a diamond’s value


A one carat diamond weighs exactly 200 milligrams. The carat burden is usually subdivided into “points.” There are 100 points in a carat Be frugal not to blur the onus of the seed with its size or the carats of a different aficionado Because different minerals hold different densities, a one carat diamond leave own a different volume than a one carat ruby.


Clarity is a pulse of the symbol and stretch of flaws in the gemstone Completely whole diamonds are casual Only a few hundred finished stones are produced every year, once again keeping the supply low to obtain the emolument high

Clarity is uncompromising by the quantity of blemishes on the surfaces of the diamond and the number of inclusions such as melody bubbles, cracks, and foreign related inside of the diamond. When both terms are being referenced the expression defects is usually referenced Nature infrequently produces anything that is with out defects and this hug true for diamonds. Most diamonds leave retain some type of snag or flaw


The “color” of a diamond refers to its gradation of “yellowness” The finished fan is colorless and thus the most expensive The coloration of diamonds can be caused by several factors Impurities trapped in the diamond during its formation, the crystal network structure of the diamond, and the exposure to radiation can all cause to the sweeping verity of colors available in diamonds

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So to guide the question: Are diamonds valuable? Today the clue would be yes and they obtain been valuable for thousands of years but the lanky diamond companies control the availably of the gemstones. Let the tycoon beware

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