June 28, 2022


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Coach New Bug Earrings & Butterfly Ring

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Among the latest jewelry collection of Coach, I like the two seldom pieces especially, one is the new bug earrings and the more is the butterfly ring. Both are very suitable for hop day wearing Just conjecture the multicolor flowery season with viable breezy wind What a cheering scene. And the two jewelry pieces commit add other interesting to the light day.

Coach New Bug Earrings & Butterfly Ring

Both Coach Jewelry are made from multicolor like blue, yellow and fresh faceted glass stones, thus they are not as pricy as the other luxury brands designer jewelry made from precious silver or gold or crystal The span of earrings retails for $98.00 whereas the butterfly orb asks for no further than $78.00 The earrings are the signature brew of shimmer and fashion in a squeeze that we admire-bees, which are the cipher of eloquence and intelligence The bees are gingerly attached on hook earrings Well, the ring is a true words piece in fecund hues and a press that we besides love-the butterfly, numeral of grace of improve And the butterfly is attached on a gold plated circle The metamorphosis of caterpillars to butterflies is the most beautiful process in life .

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