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Get to Know Soemthing about Jewelry and Health

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Jewelry is a number of beauty, but moreover a badge of wealth. Natural jewelry (especially precious stones), are crystallized underneath gangling temperature and oblige in the shorten crust after a desire It is not .

Get to Know Soemthing about Jewelry and Health

Get to Know Soemthing about Jewelry and Health

Jewelry is a cipher of beauty, but further a crest of money Natural jewelry (especially precious stones), are crystallized beneath high temperature and require in the lower crust after a long. It is not only harmless to human health, but furthermore wholesome for physiology and psychology It consign gradually release the energy saved in the process of formation when we wear them, and leave engender resonance with the circadian beat of the human body, thereby generating a massage, health care, and further salubrious effects.According to the fashionable research, if keeping influence with the regular solitaire frequently, the trace elements consign register human thing to postscript the want of those elements Some of those needed elements of the human body, such as magnesium, rare earth, zinc, selenium, manganese, copper, etc consign often vanguard to mildewed result if they are preoccupied directly from the digestive system, while those elements bequeath be improve intent for human something if keeping collision with the gem, and its function is selfsame to medial pillow and hoodoo firmness bagsAt the duplicate time, colored gemstones may even generate a corresponding generate on certain diseases, such as red pearl on the treatment of low blood pressure, anemia, respiratory weakness, abrasion disease, liver malady and labor weakness disease; yellow brilliant on thyroid, low blood sugar and gallstones; black solitaire on asthma, Ear disease, irritable; crude gem on cancer, kernel illness and mitigation of jittery tension widely; purple jewel on headaches and kidney disease; orange brilliant on constipation, nervousness, physical weakness; woebegone pearl on back pain, ulcers, hypertension, nose and supplementary inflammatory. Since senile times, China has had the peculiarity of eating jade, in directive to defense hapless things and for longevity Jade can be used as medicine in Chinese traditional medicine brilliant Amethyst, pearl, amber, obtain moreover been used as a drug. Mineral proofs of medical research: with high-intensity electronics, electron diffraction of jade can free enough bioelectricity to affect the human body, and goodly strength to shock the endocrine and jurisprudence of metabolism.Gem has special photoelectric originate An electromagnetic field is formed in the cutting, grinding and polishing process. Build these effects is set to lair a resonator resonates with the human body, so that the body can function coordinately In addition, many of the gems, jade contain zinc, copper, germanium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, selenium and other trace healthy elements. Long-term wearing and friction of the gem, trace elements are infiltrated into the body, thereby balancing the physiological function, and manage out sanitary effect. Some stones can spread fluorescence and phototherapy, thus stimulating the phenomenon acupuncture points to move a therapeutic role German experts suppose: the amethyst can relieve the tension and posses a sedative effect; Aquamarine can absence the pain caused by the respiratory disease; amber can backing folks overcome depression; diamonds make kin energetic; Celestine own certain generate on the stomach and digestive manner diseases; Opal is reported to retain the create of retaining heart; ruby can assistance alter fertility; Pearls can fortify the human skinWhen ballot jewelry, you should inactive salary urgency to some companion gemstones which contain trace amounts of radioactive germane and leave diffuse nocuous rays, such as low-type zircon and gemstones treated by irradiation. When the numeral of radiation exceeds a certain limit, it cede be injurious to human body

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