September 17, 2021

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How To Find Your Lost or Stolen Phone Using Android Device Manager

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Google’s Android Device Manager helps to find your missing or stolen Android phone. It locates your phone remotely, allows to ring, wipe out the data, latch screen See how to use Android appliance manager

How To Find Your Lost or Stolen Phone Using Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is the Google’s validated ‘find my phone’ plane that helps to trace your location of your absent or stolen Android smartphone It is a unchain online service to own track of your lost Android smartphone and allows you to find if lost or stolen Previously we retain written a pillar ” Is Your Smartphone Ready to Recover If Lost or Stolen??”, that revealing the methods you can use before your smartphone gets gone If you missed it I recommend you to test it before recital this.

Android Device Manages makes it easy to identify your missing Android smartphone accurately Its compatible with Android 2.2 or above If you lost your phone somewhere and forgot the location where you kept, the Android appliance administrator consign find your phone without snare Finding the location of your gone or stolen Android smartphone is very feasible Go to Android Device Manager Then you bequeath be asked to login. Provide the login truth that associated with your gone or stolen Android Device, and then you entrust be redirected to an interface that midpoint looks like Google Map

In the Map, you cede see a blip on the map which shows the latest location of your Android gadget If the engine is located brewing to you, the Ring function you see on that page can assistance you to ball the phone with maximum volume manageable even in taciturn mode, thereafter finding the the phone entrust be simple. Ringing extends for 5 minutes, unless you dig on the phone. It is viable to try this several times till the cannonade dries completely

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The Wipe Out side allow you …. scan finished something from subservient link

Activate Wipe Out Feature on Your Android Phone?

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