June 28, 2022


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Louis Vuitton Fleur Choker

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Jewelry is already a lanky ration of our lifestyle. I venture every countess fantasy to receive a subtle jewelry in her birthday or wedding day Even no occure to wear it and just could put in the gift box, it is a marvelous device to increase it and enjoy its attractiveness alone

Louis Vuitton Fleur Choker

Louis Vuitton Fleur Choker is a dazzling and seductive stunner that easily to analogue with your outfits and highlight your high-end relish Weather in odd means or in formal ensemble, its sumptuous frontage consign thieve the declare from others That is the jewelrys glamourThis piece comes with a supple jewelry point in mini Monogram canvas manufactured in Louis Vuitton workshops. It is avowed as Emprise collection, made of diamonds, white gold and yellow gold The most striking factor is the inclusion of Vuittons most observable theme- flower monogram, which is depicted on rectangular plates of 18k white gold .

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