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Wedding Invitations 101: Ideas for the Budget-Minded Bride

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Your conjugal invitations are the top glimpse your guests leave retain of your wedding, but if you’re not careful, they can they can rapidly notch into your budget. Luckily there are many options available that convey your comprehend of method and crystallize the tone for your married – and are also extremely affordable

Wedding Invitations 101: Ideas for the Budget-Minded Bride

Wedding Invitations 101: Ideas for the Budget-Minded Bride


Your invitations reflect the tone of your wedding, whether it’s sinisteru lash or odd chic More formal weddings may impel more formal invitations, which are traditionally white or fawn and engraved with dark or charcoal ink A square of tissue paper is furthermore inserted to garrison the style While classic and understated, the price of these invitations can hastily add up to the purchase fee of a derisory car, but with slightly better gas mileage What’s a budget-minded bride to do?

More and other couples are veering from typical invitations and picking papers in strange sizes and colors, incorporating interesting textures and using graphics, motifs and monograms Many couples are also doing away with the traditional unsealed inner envelope, which not only reduces costs, but besides reduces waste And besides, how many of your guests are going to remember how many components were included in their invitation? (Hint: if you DO obtain guests who consign notice, seat them all together so they can drive each more crazy)

Another possibility is to purchase materials to engender your posses invitations. Thanks to the popularity of scrapbooking and paper stores, it’s never been easier to effect unique and singable connubial invitations. Do you and your man retain a favorite color, song, vacation destination or hobby? Don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your invitations Your guests would fairly see a heartfelt invitation than retain to discard the tissue paper that protects a serendipitous printer’s business (Not that there’s anything wrong with using a printer. But hey.the emolument of those scarcely sheets really adds up!)

At this point, you might be saying, But traditional IS my style! How can I afford it? Put those fears to rest, girl! Make some check invitations on plain paper, playing with font size and type, then purchase blank cards and alike envelopes (which are available at scrapbooking and hobby stores and mountain retailers nationwide) to print the TRUE deal.

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No debate what kindly of invitation you choose, be sure to mail them 8-10 weeks prior to your nuptial so your guests have instance to plan.and to shop for a really royal gift!


Remember when you were a hardly bird and you dreamed about your perfect wedding, amend down to the invitations? Why didn’t anyone notify us about the reply cards? Or the reception cards? Why are there so many cards?

Response CardsResponse cards are usually sent with your invitations and include a self-addressed stamped envelope These are used to help determine how many relatives entrust be attending and usually include menu options for your guests to choose from. But I’m going to alert you a secret: you can originate your own reply cards Just purchase meagre cards with identical envelopes, print them yourself and then imbed them into the invitations when you are addressing them Best of all, you can do this whether you’re forming your posses invitations or having them professionally printed.

Reception CardsReception cards are included inside married invitations to agreement guests notice when and where the post-wedding festivities cede begin. Traditionally, this is a insignificant card that asks guests to join the newlyweds and their families for a celebratory reception, and gives the date, place, and juncture But remember the Response Cards enigma I revealed above? It workshop here, too! Print them yourself or even (gasp) print the reception data inside the invitation itself It entrust give your guests one less thing to own alley of and reuse you lots of money


Believe it or not, there are torpid more paper-related items to imagine about

Wedding ProgramsSure, married programs provide useful facts and make charming mementos, but there’s no absence to pause the bank. While some couples choose to do a circular kimd program, budget-minded couples are using simple card cattle with a vellum overlay, tied together with a ribbon that matches your color scenario Others are wittily printing them at home (or a friend’s home) on unique paper that plays up the conjugal colors or decoration After all, how many kinsfolk (besides your closest friends and family) are going to have it as a memento? They’d reasonably you use the monetary you saved on programs to offices with your honeymoon expenses, make a car remuneration or buy a tombola label

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Menu CardsThe thought behind menu cards is that no one likes to sit down to a repast when they posses no thought what they’re about to be served (think school cafeterias). However, this can succulent be combined with the Reply Card (see above) And of revolution if the snack is buffet-style, menu cards are not really necessary, since there is usually item to please everyone

If you do feel that menu cards are necessary, it’s unworldly to print them yourself.just harvest up some advantage expired card stock If there’s a sake message unpunctual why you chose a certain dish (you’re serving New York Style cheesecake because you met in New York or hot dogs because you met at a round game), including this news adds a unique plane to your menu cards

One device that may be extraordinary helpful to all involved (you, the caterer, the bartender and your guests) is to produce a swig card or two. If you’re limiting the sensitive bar to a certain unit or style of drink, a sink card is the flawless cubby-hole to duration that out Just achieve an easel or shelf so the card can be posted at the bar

Place CardsAre you having a buffet-type food at your reception? If so, gambol this section, since vocation cards are not necessary. For the stop of you, cubby-hole cards are tent-shaped cards that are placed at each cubby-hole setting to declare people where they should sit You can feeble print them from your home computer, but why not make the cubby-hole cards for your reception a infrequently unique? Make your married favors do double-duty by attaching a duration documentation to each one and using them as recess cards If you’re forming your retain favors, it only adds one simple step, but saves you financial in the want run. You can also use stones with hand-painted names or bind expression tags around wrapped silverware Use your imagination! Place cards don’t necessarily retain to be one further business for the printer

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Thank You CardsOk, brides You all perceive what these are, and there’s really no privation to own them printed Simple thank you cards are willingly available midpoint anywhere, and as a bonus, most of them even prattle thank you Your handwritten missive inside is what’s important, so invest most of your situation there. As a reminder, these should be sent out no end than one month after your eclogue If you receive gifts monastic to the wedding, those thank you cards should be sent out immediately

Save the Date CardsWhat? No really..I didn’t comprehend what these were Here’s the scoop: reprocess the date cards are sent to guests pretty much the later after the groom pops the question, so that guests can scheme ahead If you send out your announcements 8-10 weeks monastic to your wedding, there is probably no want for reprocess the date cards. However, if you obtain friends or folks who will be traveling immense distances (especially from supplementary countries), a rarely heads-up would be nice. However, this can be done by tribute card, dispatch or phone designate That should be sufficient to salvage the date If you do observe that you deficiency to send reprocess the date cards, you can feeble make them yourself.


Creating your posses invitations and other stationery items can reuse you lots of money, freeing up your married restrict for supplementary things Just posses a couple of things in mind:

  • If you are printing pieces yourself, try to use a consistent or complementary font on all of the pieces you create
  • Before addressing invitations, be sure to own finished addresses available This cede support reduce the digit of mistakes made during the addressing process. (The less mistakes you make, the fewer invitations you obtain to use This saves money!)
  • You don’t obtain to do it all yourself Your offspring and friends consign be other than receptive to aegis create, print and prepare your invitations and further items After all, isn’t that what you own them around for?

With a rarely imagination and a pile of determination, your budget-friendly married invitations cede be unbiased as beautiful as big-budget invitations, but at a fraction of the cost.

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